About Homeopathy in Your Hands

Homeopathy in Your Hands offers online courses to teach you how to use homeopathy safely and effectively at home with your family. 

It was founded in 2015 by Jennifer Hautman, BA (Hons), MA, BSc (Hons), RSHom.  Jennifer's first degree was in Social Anthropology, followed by a Masters in Latin American Studies.

Having established her love of studying people, it was only later that she discovered a practical application in the form of homeopathy (a natural and holistic system of medicine) and became a natural health practitioner and consultant with a degree in Health Sciences: Homeopathy.

Having been a mother since 2008, a practitioner and a coordinator for the Arnica Parents Support Network: North London Group since 2009, she has worked with hundreds of parents to help them better understand how to support their families natural immunity and vitality.  Whilst she loves working face to face with people in London, one to one or in groups, the time came when she needed to reach out and take her work online so that more people could benefit anywhere, any time and on any device.

The first online course she is developing is: "If, When and How to Treat Childhood Fevers" and it includes looking in depth at both standard medical guidelines from around the world and naturopathic guidelines.

In due course, she plans to add more online courses for parents so that they can better understand how to use homeopathy safely and effectively at home with their families.

If you are in London, you can book a personal consultation with Jennifer Hautman,
founder of Homeopathy in Your Hands, by appointment only.

If you are elsewhere in the United Kingdom, you can find your nearest homeopath by searching here:
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If you are in the United States, you can find your nearest homeopath by searching the National Centre for Homeopathy Directory

If you are in any other country around the world, please contact your nearest Association, as listed here by the International Council for Homeopathy

Jennifer Hautman, RSHom

“Helping families through the primal years
(from preconception to toddlerhood)
with joy, strength, and natural immunity”.

I see women and men from all walks of life and of all ages, with a wide variety of complaints, but I have a special interest in helping families to prepare for and recover from birth, and in helping children to sail through childhood with strong and healthy immune systems“. 

In my experience, homeopathy has the potential to be a catalyst for restoring balance naturally, from within. 
It’s not so much the remedy that ‘fixes’ you, but your body’s own response to it“. 

“My job therefore, is to help you gain control of your health, and your family’s health, and to put the information and resources you need to do this, including remedies, in your hands.”  Jennifer Hautman


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